Premium Hedging
Looks 10 years old!
Advanced Hedging
It just needs an extra season or two
Basic Hedging - starter range
Mature, but time is needed

We deliver instant hedging direct to your door

Compare our hedging to our competitors

Instant Hedging

Compare our laurels to a competitors!

Wykeham Mature Plants produce a more instant mature hedging laurel than is normally available. These plants give immediate screening from day one. Just look at the photos comparing our laurels to a competitors to see why for a little bit more money you get lot more plant and the number of our plants required for a decent screen is far fewer making the cost difference even less!

We at Wykeham Mature Plants specialise in delivering instant hedging, we grow hedging for all sort of uses and aspects and in a range of sizes to suit all pockets. We actually grow our plants on our 80 hectare nursery and are not just a warehouse so that we can guarantee the freshness and the quality of our plants.

Our plants start at around 80cm tall that are easily manageable by one person but will take  up to five years to produce a full solid hedge through to our instant hedging blocks that need two strong people to plant but when done produce an instant solid hedge that looks like it has been there for over 10 years.

Now they see you now they don’t

Our instant hedging can give you immediate privacy and security in as little as one day!

In addition so long as a hedge is not impeding a neighbours right to light you can plant an evergreen hedge of any size without planning permission.

Just look at the examples below of some before and after shots:

Instant Hedging Before and After

Instant Hedging Before and After

Premium Hedging – our Instant hedging range

This hedging will give an instant screen from day one that looks like it has been there for ten years if planted to our specification. To view our premium hedging range, order and get free delivery to mainland UK click here.

Advanced Hedging

While this hedging is good and bushy it  just needs an extra seasons growing when planted out to make a good full screen if planted to our recommendations. To view our selection of Advanced hedging, order and get free delivery to mainland UK click here.

Basic Hedging – our starter range

The plants we offer while more mature than are available in the garden centre are still only young and will take a few year of growing to make a good solid hedge. To view our basic range of hedging, order and free delivery to mainland UK click here

Just a selection of available instant hedges ready for delivery

Instant hedging from Wykeham Mature Plants, delivering hedges free throughout mainland UK, for more information please call our instant hedge experts on: 01723 862406.